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Same sex dancing. All ages. Learn the basics of some of the classical ballroom to the energetic Latin American type dances, no partners required. You need just a positive attitude that you can dance too.

DANSS focuses on promoting Same Sex dancing by providing Same Sex dancing opportunities, Same Sex dance instruction and supporting Same Sex dance competitions in Wellington. For the past 10 years dance instruction in Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue dances has been provided at Thistle Hall on Sundays from 7–9 pm. From 2006 there have also been several series of weekly sessions, specifically for absolute beginner women dancers.

Volunteers have provided all organising, teaching and competition opportunities—no members of DANSS or DANSS Inc., receive remuneration for their contributions. It is a principle of DANSS that attendance at all classes is by koha to cover expenses—no one is excluded by an inability to pay.

Our members come from very diverse groups - Maori, Pakeha, Asian, Pasifika, and European and compete at an international level with other gay, lesbian and straight dancers. The Incorporated Society has 15 members and there are 165 people on the DANSS email list.

Some Highlights

      • Wellington’s first same sex ballroom dancing started in 1996 with separate commercial classes for gay men and lesbian women.
      • DANSS classes started two years later and have been held every Sunday night since then except for holiday weekends and the end-of-year holiday period.
      • DANSS is managed and taught by gay and lesbian volunteers.
      • DANSS has always welcomed everyone—gay men, lesbian women and friends. But all are expected to dance with partners of the same sex, as well as with the opposite sex.
      • Couples, as well as singles, are welcome. You don’t need to bring a partner.
      • Classes are held upstairs in Thistle Hall, upstairs corner Cuba & Arthur Streets, Sunday evenings, 7–8 pm for beginners, 8:10–9:00 pm for intermediate dancers.
      • You must bring a positive attitude and expect to have fun!
      • Absolute Beginner DANSS classes for women only have been held upon demand.
      • The charging of koha/donation per attendee allows the unemployed and lower paid among us to enjoy the fun, physical exercise and social connections that come with DANSS
      • In 2000, DANSS organised and ran the first Same Sex Ballroom Competition at the St Andrews on the Terrace Church hall—the first ever same sex dance competition in New Zealand.In 2008, members of DANSS established DANSS Inc., as a charitable organisation specifically to plan, organise and run same sex ballroom dance competitions in Wellington. This has benefitted dancers in New Zealand and Australia being able to compete annually in Wellington since then, including the glamour event of the 2011 Outgames in Wellington.


Come and learn some of the classical Ballroom, some funky Latin American and some elegant New Vogue dance moves. Classes are for Gays and Lesbians and friends upstairs - thistle hall, corner Cuba & Arthur Street. An attitude in wanting to learn and having fun is required.

DANSS people are of many cultures— Maori, Pakeha, Asian, Pasifika, and European. Visitors from other places are welcome to drop in for the one or more classes on when they are in Wellington. Each class is an entire lesson without need to attend more often.
Numbers attending DANSS classes range from 10–30, with an average attendance of 10–15.
The Sunday night classes are for gay and lesbian people and friends who wish to come and learn some classical Ballroom, some funky Latin American or some elegant New Vogue dance moves. To come with a partner is not necessary, however an attitude to learn and to have fun is required.

Beginners' class starts at 7:00 pm and Intermediate class starts at 8.10 pm. Attendance is by koha—a contribution towards expenses.


Our International DANSS Competitions

DANSS (2008) Incorporated was first established and registered as DANSS Incorporated. It is a charitable organisation, managed and operated by volunteers from the Gay & Lesbian dance community. It is specifically charged with planning, organising and hosting annual Same Sex Ballroom Dance Competitions in Wellington, New Zealand.

DANSS Inc successfully organised and hosted the Dancesport event at the 2011 AsiaPacific Outgames. We have since then successfully organised and run Wellington competitions in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. We are now preparing for the 9 April 2016 competition.

Charge: Koha - donation
Location: DANSS NZ classes for Wellington Gay and Lesbian dancers and friends are held at Thistle Hall, located on the corner Arthur Street & Cuba Street, upstairs (enter through Arthur Street side).
New Zealand

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