Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, "Gay Line", "we" or "us" (and like terms) mean Gay Line Wellington Charitable Trust Incorporated, and "you" (and like terms) means you our site user.

General Principle

We aim to be a safe place where every GLBTI person can go to find reliable information and advice about gay life.

Vision Statement

That every gay male has the fullest opportunity to achieve his full potential.


  • To serve, not to use, those who contact us.
  • To provide information appropriate to age.
  • To provide a professional standard of service.
  • To maintain our clients' information within the organisation in strict confidence.
  • To maintain values consistent with those of the current gay community.
  • To be based on voluntary effort.
  • To provide an environment of gay pride and a high level of self esteem.
  • To promote an internal environment and external relationships which are open and honest with the highest level of integrity.
  • To act within the boundaries of New Zealand law.
  • To enjoy what we do.

Who we are

 A group of Gay males who

  • Are motivated to achieve the objectives of our vision and mission statements in a professional manner.
  • Are concerned about the damage society does to gay people and who would like to redress that.
  • Believe in the power of co-ordinated voluntary activities.
  • Between them, have a wide experience of gay life.


  • To enable every gay male to reach his full potentialProvide a Web site which lists gay businesses, organisations and information in the wider Wellington region.
  • Because gay people travel throughout New Zealand, Gay Line Wellington will provide information in other areas outside Wellington.
  • To develop a series of articles which promote a healthy gay lifestyle.
  • To provide a link between clients and counsellors.
  • To provide an interactive Web based information and support service.
  • To cater for a wide range of people while protecting those under 16 years of age.
  • To provide for other organisations a facility to publish promotional material, provided that material complies with the values of this group.

Mission Statement

To provide every possible electronic and associated resource to enable the gay community to be, and to be seen as, responsible and valuable citizens.

Privacy Policy

Gay Line recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of visitors to our web site while at the same time enabling us to provide services, information and opportunities for contact through email and various contact forms.

Collection and Storage of Information

Various forms on this site enable the collection of certain information, including your name, and e-mail address. You can choose what information you provide at any stage. We maintain this information in our files.

"Cookies" are not used on this site to gather information about you. We do not track users of our site. We do record page visits for statistical purposes, but this information tells us only how many times and when pages have been visited, as well as the domain page requests were made from. We cannot identify individual users from this information.

Use of Information

The information you provide is used to provide the service requested; to enable us to contact you back in order to provide you with information you have requested, to improve our Web site and for the development of new services.


All messages will in the first instance be dealt with by a gay male who has been trained to work with gay people's issues. Messages you mark as confidential or which appear to be of a counselling nature will be dealt with personally by him and referred, if necessary, to a gay male with formal counselling training.

The information you provide us will not be forwarded to any third party. It is strictly available only to full members of Gay Line who are required to keep that information confidential within Gay Line. We keep it confidential and secure. We undertake not to abuse your trust in us.

Health Helpers

Health helpers are defined here as those individuals who provide confidential, one to one services related to spiritual, mental or physical health where there is potential for harm to vulnerable people through unethical practices. Included are those providing counselling, medical and massage services. Some health helpers who we believe to be gay or lesbian or who have training or other attributes related to safety of gay clients are listed on this site.

We cannot guarantee that all health helpers listed here are safe but those who are members of a properly constituted organization with a written constitution, rules, Code of Ethics, regular supervision and a disciplinary process available to recipients of services are more likely to be safe. Any safe service provider will be pleased to provide details of the safety procedures under which they work.

Some organisations that provide all or most of these procedures are:

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology

  • NZ Association of Counsellors (NZAC)
  • NZ Christian Counsellors Association (NZCCA)
  • NZ Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP)
  • NZ Association of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists (NZCAP)
  • NZ Psychological Society (NZPsS)
  • NZ College of Clinical Psychologists (NZCCP)


  • Medical Council of New Zealand
  • NZ Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)
  • NZ Charter of Health Practitioners (NZCHP)
  • Association of Natural Therapies (ANT)
  • South Pacific Assn of Natural Therapists NZ (SPANT)
  • The NZ Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA)
  • NZ Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (NZAPH)
  • NZ Council of Homoepaths (NZCH)

Social Work

  • Aotearoa NZ Association of Social Workers (ANZASW).


  • Massage New Zealand


Gay Line is not responsible for the privacy and content policies of Web sites to which this site may link. While we periodically visit every Web site we link to to ensure its continued relevance and suitability we cannot guarantee that linked web sites will not change after we visit.

Our listings are intended to provide accurate information relating to matters they contain. The information about individuals is supplied by them or from public sources and neither Gay Line nor its members can vouch for either the truth or accuracy of the information provided. The listings have been  published on the Gay Line Wellington web site and made available to all persons and entities strictly on the basis that its authors, writers, editors, entrants and publishers fully exclude any liability by any or all of them in any way to any person or entity for any loss or damage arising out of any reliance, in part or in full, by such person or entity, upon any of the contents of this listing for any purpose whatsoever.