Tapatoru is based in Wellington, a vibrant and close-knit city that has become home to many of Maori trans people who feel established and embraced by its city and is a vehicle that brings together Maori trans whanau, circulating information of interest.

Tapatoru aims to be a point of contact and dispersal of information for our whanau. We would also like to share and build our networks with friends, family and colleagues of whanau in the Wellington area as well as community groups and agencies who support and affiliate to the work of Tapatoru.

Tapatoru is a word from Maori in Aotearoa (New Zealand) that means 'Triangle'.The triangle has many different meanings for many communities and cultures. In New Zealand, the triangle is a prominent symbol within Maori culture and is a shape that can be interpreted at many different levels having many positive and strong aspects that all can relate to. That has inspired and motivated us to set ourselves up under the name Tapatoru.

The trans community is filled with diversity at every degree and we have trans support groups locally and nationally who cater for some trans people throughout this diverse continuum. Tapatoru is aware that not everyone is comfortably supported which has prompted the launch of this group who affiliate and embrace their Maori trans whanau who are trans and living in Wellington.

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PO BOX 19008, Te Aro
New Zealand
022 602 3199

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