Dunedin Hepatitis C Resource Centre

Support group for sufferers of Hepatitis C in Dunedin
john.g - Monday, October 10, 2016 - 9:38am
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ADIO - Auckland Drug Information Outreach

Distributes a range of equipment to reduce the harm to Injecting Drug Users.
john.g - Monday, October 3, 2016 - 10:38am

Shakti Community Council Inc.

Shakti's mission is to facilitate and ensure good health and overall well-being of New Zealand's migrant and refugee communities.
john.g - Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 10:31am

Community HIV Team, Auckland

Advocacy, support and medical advice for people in Auckland who are HIV positive.
john.g - Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 10:38am

Antara Free Natural Health Clinic

The Antara Free Natural Health Clinic is for those people in the community who cannot afford to pay for natural health care
john.g - Friday, September 23, 2016 - 1:27pm
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Aquarius AA (Gay & Lesbian Group)

Aquarius AA is an Auckland LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous support group for for gay and lesbians.
john.g - Friday, July 29, 2016 - 10:09am

Grant C Jones: Life Coach

Grant is a trained Life Coach, with considerable experience in working with people in need of stress management. He is particularly interested in working with GLBT clients.
john.g - Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 9:42am

Donald Patterson

john.g - Friday, October 24, 2014 - 4:32pm

Fertility Associates

New Zealand’s leading provider of fertility diagnosis, support and treatment, Fertility Associates are dedicated to giving you the best possible chance of having a baby.
john.g - Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 12:48pm

Youth Specialty Mental Health Services

Youth Mental Health Service for young people (and their families), aged 12 to 18 who live in the Hutt Valley, Wainuiomata and the Eastbourne areas.
gline editor - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 3:00pm
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