This Site is a Work in Progress

This site is a work in progress and has it's origins in the manually coded, flat, menu driven, inflexible and hard to maintain site that had been in existence since the year 2000. Now we have a data base supported Drupal site that has the potential to grow in many new ways.

Currently our new database supports two sites, this one for Gay Line and another for OUTLine to use as a support for its telephone counselling service and later as a public web site. We have the potential to support several different and independent sites and to share information between these sites and discussions are under way on this.  Later some organisations that are simply listings on this site rather than web sites in their own right will be able to update their own information. These facilities will greatly reduce the work load of keeping information up to date and that work load can be distributed.

Finding out is what this site is for and we will be adding to the facilities to make that easier as the site grows. An early addition is likely to be a tag cloud to enhance the capability of the tag system. Filters will also help to find that tiny scrap of information that may be hidden under the mountain of Auckland stuff. Compound searches will provide more focused results as will an hierarchical system for tags.

A calendar of events is planned and we hope that organisations will eventually be able to keep their own part of that up to date.

This is going to involve many organisations and Gay Line will encourage those organisations to form a management organisation to take over the infrastructure and drive further growth. Gay Line was funded by the Rule Foundation to get to this point and will step back when the management organisation is formed.

We are right at the beginning of an exciting new phase and would like to hear from you about your ideas of where we might take this system.


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