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The goal of  (RTW) is to unite and support Wellington’s LGBTI Sport and Recreation Clubs. The member clubs are a primarily place where LGBTI people come together through their enjoyment of their sports and cultural activities. They can be the place where a person first comes out, or first meets a larger group of LGBTI people, and our clubs are spaces where we grow our community.  RTW is not a campaigning, political, welfare or fundraising organisation – this work is being done by other groups.

Rainbow Team Wellington is planning to run a Sport and Culture Weekend 28/29 January 2017

Like events we've run in the past, this will just be an opportunity for clubs and enthusiasts to put on events which we can publicise all together. There's no central funding available, but we'll have a website to publicise the events, and as a portal to facebook pages and websites of the various clubs. Organisation of the events is then just down to the various clubs.

But we'll all have a joint dinner together on the Saturday night.

It's Auckland Anniversary weekend that weekend, so Aucklanders can come down and join in too.

DSW will run a swim meet on the Saturday afternoon, and there will be the national Ocean Swim Series event on the Sunday. Frontrunners will have a fun run.

Here's the website for the 2015 event to give you some idea: http://www.rainbowweekend.co.nz/

Things to do now:

  • have a think about an event you might like to run - no need to make any commitment just yet
  • let the Rainbow Team Wellington committee know so we can make sure we keep in touch and get you on the website
  • and if you'd like to .... come to a planning meeting at 6.30pm on Wed 14 September (RSVP and we'll send you more details)

All the best

Richard, Simon, Virginia, Martin, Kevin, Phillip, Mari, Geoff, Antony - the Rainbow Team Wellington committee

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