Queer Tango Wellington

Queer tango breaks the rigid gender roles of the tango world.

A queer perspective is one that allows and encourages fluid and changing gender roles, images and identities.  Queer tango is a home for same sex dance partners, women who like to lead, men who like to follow, and anyone else interested in new ways of experiencing the roles of the dance, like swapping the lead. Classes are in the nuevo tango style and everyone is encouraged to take turns leading and following as we learn new steps. Above all, queer tango is inclusive, which means that people are welcome to dance tango in any role they want, including the traditional ones.

Nuevo tango is particularly well suited to the queer practice of swapping the lead during the dance, but like all Argentine tango, it's about connection and learning to listen to another person with your body. As the leader interprets the music (dancing to the rhythm or melody as they wish), the attentive follower is ready to go in any direction at every moment, so the dancing couple is able to move as one, although every step is improvised.

You do not need to bring a partner, previous dance experience, or rhythm.

We encourage gender complexity and exploration. Everyone is welcome. Tango has no age limit

New Zealand

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