Project Youth Kapiti Coast

Project Youth is a fun, supportive, confidential social hub for young people with diverse genders and sexualities in the Kāpiti region.

This after-school social hub meets every Wednesday 4 – 5:30 pm. To find out where they meet, contact them and they will call or email you back with the info.

The group is for any of you that are under 19 years old. You might be questioning your gender or sexual identity or maybe you know exactly who you are but keen to meet other like-minded people like yourself!

Homophobia and negative attitudes towards people that are non-hetero is an issue worldwide, and more specifically, it is still a problem on the Kāpiti coast. In schools, at home, sport teams, religious centres, and within peer groups - these are just some examples of where it is sometimes hard to be ‘different’. A group like this can often be the only place for young people to explore their identity openly and without judgement.

New Zealand

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