New Zealand Quilt Project

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Creating AIDS awareness through the making and displaying of memorial quilts for those who have died.

The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt started with its first panel in 1988 and first display in 1991. Today some of the older blocks in particular, are starting to show a few signs of wear. In an effort to help preserve the panels that make up the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, this web site was created as a permanent record of The Quilt and a way of remembering all those who have gone before their time because of HIV/AIDS.

The principle aims of The Project are those of the International Quilt Project, which are to:

      • illustrate to individuals and governments the urgency and enormity of the HIV pandemic and the need for an immediate and compassionate response, by revealing the names and lives behind global statistics;
      • build a powerful, positive, creative symbol of remembrance and hope, linking diverse people world-wide in the shared expression of our common grief, pain and rage in response to HIV and AIDS;
      • encourage donations in every community where the Quilt is displayed, thereby raising needed funds for HIV awareness and education.


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