Refugee Council - Immigration

Refugee Council is an organisation that helps refugees in New Zealand. The organisation focuses on advocacy and policy making concerning refugees.
john.g - 19/05/2017 - 1:12pm

Community Law Wellington & Hutt Valley

Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley provides community legal services to meet unmet legal needs including assistance for transgender clients with applications to the family court to change gender on birth certificates
john.g - 15/05/2017 - 8:58am

New Zealand Awaits! - Travel

We believe travel can be transformative with the right ingredients: exploration, excitement, awe, shared connections with both nature and local people, and time for contemplation and reflection.
john.g - 14/05/2017 - 10:14am
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QPK Counselling

Haere mae and welcome to QPK Counselling! My name is Dee Morgan, and I provide inclusive and affirmative counselling for all – but particularly people who identify as queer, kinky, poly, trans or any part of the rainbow community. Whether you live...
john.g - 14/05/2017 - 9:55am

YouthLaw / Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki

Free confidential legal advice service for children and young people.
john.g - 13/05/2017 - 1:11pm
Tags: law, youth, support is an online resource of over 700 audio interviews and event recordings documenting rainbow culture in New Zealand.
john.g - 13/04/2017 - 10:44am

North Shore Women's Centre

North Shore Women's Centre provides a range of services for women.
john.g - 12/05/2017 - 11:08am

Auckland Women's Centre

The Auckland Women's Centre aims to provide affordable, quality welfare and support services, personal development educational opportunities, and collective advocacy on women’s issues.
john.g - 05/11/2016 - 9:39am

Dyke Hikes

A range of gentle and more difficult hikes around Auckland and beyond.
john.g - 10/05/2017 - 10:28am
Tags: lesbian, social, sport

Sladden Cochrane and Co

Bruce Young is a gay supportive lawyer.
john.g - 09/05/2017 - 9:45am
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