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Too many LGBT+ people are getting bullied, committing suicide, have depression, anxiety, and many other mental health problems. If you get bullied or suffer from any mental health problems we can help!(Please note we are not professionals) Come chat to us anytime and we will help you through any problems you may be facing. All chats, emails, and phone calls are kept confidential. If you would like to make new friends and meet new people in the Palmerston North area then come to one of our meetups! We have meetings on the first Saturday and last Sunday of every month at 7-9 pm, the meetup location will be at The Square Edge in room 203! If you are wanting to come to a meetup please email and state your name and what time you can be there. We are wanting to help all LGBT+ people in New Zealand and try and bring the LGBT+ community closer together!

  • We are Hello Queers NZ (HQNZ)
  • We are an LGBT+ support group based in Palmerston North. Unlike most groups we are here for all ages!
  • We are aiming to support the whole LGBT+ community in NZ, we would like to get people using the live chat and coming to our meetings the first Wednesday and last Sunday of every month.
  • We would like to eventually get people hosting meetings for us in towns that don't really have a close LGBT+ community!
  • The group was started by Caleb Clement and Caitlin Olsson, we aim to make sure all LGBT+ New Zealanders are happy and safe
Street/PO Box:
47 The Square (Top Floor - Room 203)
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Caleb 027 329 6050
Caitlin 022 534 8258
Contact Persons: 
Caleb Clement
Caitlin Olsson

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