A list of some of the skills and interests those behind Gay Line Wellington.
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What The New Zealand Human Rights Act says about protection against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.
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"I was asked to make this documentary after a TV researcher learned of my proposed trip to America to attend the annual GLBT Creating Change Conference in Milwaukee 2001 six weeks after the terror attacks in America. I agreed to do this as a queer...
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These definitions are a guide only.
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Essentially every page on this site is either an Article or a Listing. Listings have special facilities for displaying contact information. Each Article or Listing has its own page.
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The UN Human Rights Office has released a new publication on sexual orientation and gender identity in international human rights law.
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This is a story, written by Larry about coming out to himself.
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A gay man writes about his experience with helping a suicidal friend and what he has learned since.
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Having old friends, people we know well and who know us well, and with whom we share many past experiences, is one of the rich experiences of life.
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A Gay Book Suitable for Young Gay People. Dirk MacDonald, a sixteen-year-old boy living in Los Angeles, comes to terms with being gay after he receives surreal storytelling visitations from his dead father and great-grandmother.
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