Alcohol Drug Helpline


There is a wide range of help available for people with alcohol and other drug use problems. There is also help available for family members, whether or not the person with the problem is attending treatment.

Treatment programmes are tailored to the individual seeking assistance and usually consist of a variety of services, rather than a single type of treatment. People who seek help can receive assistance from different services, sometimes on many occasions, over time.

There are a range of treatment types and services, including culturally specific ones, in primary and secondary care settings. An overview of many of these is provided by this service. If you would like to check out whether you need treatment or discuss anything about any of the types of treatment outlined, including where to start,  call the Alcohol Drug helpline for free, confidential information, help and support.

Or free text 8681 and Alcohol Drug Helpline will text you back to see how they can help.

ADANZ has an online Service Directory which contains a regionalised list of alcohol and drug treatment and advice services available anywhere in New Zealand. This Directory allows you to click on your town or District Health Board area and see what services are available. An easy-to-follow key will tell you how you can access each service.


Street/PO Box:
Alcohol Drug Association New Zealand (ADANZ), PO Box 13-496
New Zealand
0800 787 797

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