About Gay Line Wellington

Since Gay Line Wellington started in the year 2000 we have been providing information about being gay in Wellington that includes listings of gay and gay friendly organisations in Wellington and the surrounding provinces of New Zealand, what's on specially for GLBTI people in and around Wellington and articles of special interest to GLBTI people generally. We have also been working closely with the Rule Foundation to provide financial support for some Wellington GLBTI organisations.

The Rule Foundation has provided the funding we have needed over the years for this work andĀ for this new development.

The time has come for major change. It has been hard work maintaining up to date information and we have needed better systems. Also, for some time, our fans have been asking us to modernise the appearance of our site. With this relaunch of the Gay Line site we are using modern data base infrastructure and a new look. We hope you like the change.

The changes mean that we can cooperate with other organisations to generate and share content. Initially we are working with OUTLineNZ, Auckland who are progressivly loading their data about relevant Auckland organisations. We in Wellington will display here Auckland listings that have been loaded that we think are of interest to Wellington and the wider community. OUTLineNZ will be using their content and ours for their telephone support role and eventually on the OUTLineNZ web site.

Soon we will be inviting other GLBTI organisations to share in this endeavour. They will be able to use content that they choose from the database for their own web sites and to make available new content for other sites to use.

Later, listed organisations whose data changes frequently will be able to update their own listings.

One thing we are very careful about is the suitability of the material on the web site for people of all ages. No matter what other organisations load into the data base, we will select only that material that meets that objective. We hope that teachers, counsellors and others who help gay people, young and old will find the site a suitable reference for their clients.

If you would like to know more about us there is more at Member's Profiles. If you think that you'd like to join us, find out more here.

If you know of something you think may be relevant that we don't have here or, if you think we have made a mistake, please let us know. You might even like to offer to write something for us (see Larry's Story as an example).