Gay Line to Close on 31 March

Time moves on and Gay Line has decided that it is time to close down. Gay Line’s primary activity is the operation of the Gay Line website:  The main function of the website has been to list gay and gay friendly organisations and businesses throughout New Zealand as a source of information for anyone who has an interest in what being gay in New Zealand is about. There are also many articles primarily aimed at promoting a healthy gay life style.

The website is successful, with site traffic reaching our targets and plenty of potential to grow further. But with this success comes an increased workload — the website requires considerable efforts to keep the listings accurate and up-to-date — and the group has not been able to increase the volunteer base to handle the increased workload. This is not for want of effort on Gay Line’s part, and is not unique to us: many volunteer organisations are struggling to get volunteers. The group has had a number of volunteers over recent years but they seem to drop out after experiencing the effort involved in maintaining listings.

Those who are involved are getting older and believe it is time to move on and hand the work over to others, but there seems to be no one interested in taking over the work, hence Gay Line’s decision to close.

Gay Line has been funded almost entirely by the Rule Foundation; their generosity has supported the development of a sophisticated web publishing platform that is capable of sharing content between independent web sites across separate organisations. Gay Line had hoped that a number of organisations, rather than expending effort and money developing their own platforms, would see the value in using the Gay Line platform and making use of the content sharing possibilities. This would have benefitted the groups by freeing volunteers for other tasks, and would have benefitted listees by having a single point of contact for registering and updating their listings. Sadly, no groups were prepared to co-operate on the shared platform.

Gay Line makes use of Google to publicise our website via Google’s Adwords funding for charities. This has been very successful in driving traffic to the website, and continues to be. But, again, lack of volunteer resources has limited our ability to maximise the opportunities of that facility.

Gay Line has been operating since 2000 and, after 17 years, it is time to stand aside, but with the hope that something new will emerge. If others have ideas for creating something new we would be pleased to discuss those ideas and hand over whatever resources we have that would be useful.

We wish to give a huge Thank-you to the Rule Foundation for the support they have given us over the years and thank you to those who have contributed their time and their authorship. Thank you also to those who have allowed their information to be listed and who have contributed through those listings. And thank you too to those who have used our site to inform themselves about New Zealand’s gay community. We have never met you but we know you exist through the statistics gathered behind the scenes.

We regret this move but we have lives to lead and we wish to move in new directions.



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