One-off or regular donations to the Gay Line are very welcome. They will enable us to continue development of new facilities on this site as outlined in `This Site is a Work in Progress' and to continue to make grants to other organisations.

All donations are acknowledged and a receipt issued. GST is not payable on donations. Most donations qualify for a 33% tax rebate up to the annual net income of the donor; visit the IRD website for more information.

Gay Line Wellington Charitable Trust Incorporated was registered in 2007 under the Charities Act 2005 as a charitable trust. Annual returns of the Foundation’s activities are available from the Charities Commission website under registration number: CC20140.

You can ...

      • Donate at our Telecom Givealittle page
      • Direct deposit to our bank account
      • Give directly from your paypacket
      • Send a cheque to Gay Line Wellington

Contact us for details about any of these choices using the Contact us link or:

The Secretary
Gay Line Wellington
P O Box 19137
Courtenay Place
Wellington 6149