This is our new information site for New Zealand's gay organisations and gay-friendly services. We also include articles of particular interest to people newly exploring their sexuality.

About Gay Line Wellington

Since Gay Line Wellington started in the year 2000 we have been providing information about being gay in Wellington that includes listings of gay and gay friendly organisations in Wellington and the surrounding provinces of New Zealand, what's on specially for GLBTI people in and around Wellington and articles of special interest to GLBTI people generally. We have also been working closely with the Rule Foundation to provide financial support for some Wellington GLBTI organisations.

Gay Line to Close on 31 March

Time moves on and Gay Line has decided that it is time to close down. Gay Line’s primary activity is the operation of the Gay Line website: http://www.gayline.org.nz/  The main function of the website has been to list gay and gay friendly organisations and businesses throughout New Zealand as a source of information for anyone who has an interest in what being gay in New Zealand is about. There are also many articles primarily aimed at promoting a healthy gay life style.